"..more than just interpretation.."

Interpretation is not about interpreting what each of the parties has to say, all the contrary..

Interpretation is about making sure that the exact message and its context pass the language barrier without alternation in real-time.

Our Services:

Even though every type of interpretation that might be needed can be realized, NANOGRAM Social specialized in interpretation services orientated towards the needs of the immigrant within the social context. 

These are the most frequent areas of interpretations facilitated through NANOGRAM Social:


This is probably one of the most extensive areas where all kinds of interpretations might be needed and which are related to one of more govermental institutions or organizations. 

In general lines, this can be interpretation requested by the police, the court, institutions dealing with immigration, asylum, child custody or similar.

Service requests through govermental channels such as pro Deo cases and social welfare institutions  are other frequent occuring requests.

Social sector:

Interpretation request through all kinds of socially orientated organizations and NGOs usually operating in the field of immigrations but more often than not might require interpretation in other  disciplines at the same time. 

The interpretations are usually requested by social  or health workers such as

psychiatrists, psychologues, doctors or nurses and therefore often touch areas such as addictions, abuse, mental health and family problems among many other possible social problematics.


This category groups all the other kinds of interpretations where the service is needed on a group level  or has been requested privately.

This might be various kinds of work-shop or other events where the interpretations might be needed for a group of people such as might be integration workshops or similar kind of courses. 

Last but not least would be interpretations requested on individual level and might be related to daily aspects of life such as a visit to the bank, renting a house or similar.

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