Plan in your on-line session with a interpretor in few simple steps.
Click here for  further instructions below the calendar.

Choose the desired length of the interpretation service needed and select the available date and hour from the calendar. Upon clicking on the desired starting time, different options will appear:

Option "Continue " will guide you to the screen where you can directly formalize the booking of a single time slot. 

Option " Add a time " permits to book multiple appoints by choosing another time from the calendar. This can be either consecutive time blocks in case a longer session is needed or different nonconsecutive sessions that you wish to book in one go.

Option " Recurring " permits to book a recurring session during a certain period of time. 

Please note that it is only possible to make an appointment of one time block-type at the time. This means that for example it is possible to either book a session of 90 minutes or 3 consecutive sessions of 30 minutes but this result can not be obtained by combining a block of 60 minutes and 30 minutes in one single booking. This last option would need two different bookings, one of 60 minutes and another one of 30 minutes.