"..NANOGRAM has been offering services of interpretation within the social context of immigration for the last 15 years in EU and beyond.."



In ceertain cases such as court cases and official affairs, our interpretors need to be physically present .

In most other cases we offer services through on-line conference platforms. 

This enables us to assist more people in need of our services. 


We specialize in Farsi and Dari languages in combination with English, Dutch and French but definitely can assist you with many others.

Among other languages we offer you will find Pashto, Arab, Spanish, Serbo-Croat and

Tigrinya to name a few.

Feel free to contact us if you look for another language or a writen translation. 


Next to quality, experiance, seriousness, compassion and we can also offer flexibility.

More often than not we can accept short term notice and offer a service on-line.

A great  service  at competitive rates. 
Contact us with any questions or requests.

NANOGRAM collaborates with all kinds of governmental organizations dealing with immigration throughout the EU but actually offers its services worldwide.

"..governmental and federal organizations, NGOs, foundations and other private institutions such as schools and hospital are present in our customer portfolio among companies of all kinds and sizes as well countless private persons .."

Actually, anybody in need of interpretation in a social context can benefit from the services of NANOGRAM.

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